WELCOME to the home of Biodanza in Edinburgh with Claire Levey Lewis, Director of the Rolando Toro School of Biodanza Scotland

Weekly classes and seasonal workshops

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activation, relaxation and integration

7.30-9.30pm on Wednesdays

1st February – 5th April 2023

LifeCare Centre
2 Cheyne Street
Edinburgh, EH4 1JB

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Dance into life with Joy!


Whether you are a regular attendee, new to Biodanza, or looking to rejoin the community after some time away, we invite you to discover the life-enhancing benefits of the ‘dance of life’ founded and developed by Professor Rolando Toro Araneda (1924 – 2010) poet, psychologist, artist & anthropologist from Chile

Biodanza is based on ‘human movement’ and the joy and poetry of life that brings us an experience of well-being, harmony, inspiration and motivation.”



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Dates and more at our blog

I am looking forward to dancing with you soon!

Claire Levey Lewis